Real Light 7

   Vanilla settings used: Display 1.0 - brightness, gamma. PCC 100 - brightness, contrast, saturation.

Download and install

  1. Unzip Real Light 7 into your game main directory where the game.exe is.
  2. Done. Start the game and enjoy! 

    You will see white info text in the upper left corner at game start.
    If you had ReShade installed before make sure to delete everything. You need a fresh installation.



Scroll Lock toggles Real Light on and off.


Important Note

NVidia users please make sure you got the FULL RGB MODE enabled.
It displays your colors more accurately and enables more details in black and white areas.
You can find that option in the NVidia Control Panel. It may be in the "Change Resolution" section if it is missing.
If you haven´t the option anywhere you can find help in this thread to get FULL RGB.

Arma 3




With LUTs (Look Up Tables) you can choose between different Looks for Arma 3. I will add more over time for you to choose from. Suggestions are always welcome.



How can I change the key to toggle Real Light on and off?


Browse to SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Arma 3/ReShade/Profiles/Arma3/Global.cfg.
At line 11 you can set the key. Change VK_SCROLL to whatever you like. Here is a list of key codes.


How to change brightness?


I recommend to play with the ingame gamma settings first. If that is not enough you can play with the line 107 at /SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Arma 3/ReShade/Presets/Real_Light_V7/Shaders_by_Ganossa.cfg. Increasing the default value of 0.67 will brighten the image up and vice versa.

For Content creators

It is much appreciated if you credit the resources you use for your videos.
Here´s an example snippet for your video details: 

I used the Real Light 7 Reshade preset by Solano.


Help & Contact

If you got some questions just drop me a mail or join the discord server and meet me and others there.


Real Light wouldn't be possible without Reshade and the team behind it. Thanks to: Crosire, Ganossa,, Marty McFly and JPulowski.