You need help with the installation? You have trouble with my presets? It is just not working? Then this page is for you.
If you couldn´t find a solution in the FAQ section yet – just drop me a mail and I try to help you.

The comment section is closed since my register feature is abused by spam bots.

Another option you have is to visit the forum of the creator of ReShade itself and place your question there.

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    1. Hi Martin, I hope I can help you. But first – could you roughly translate to me what the message means?
      Had you reshade installed before?
      I assume you use Win7, right?
      Have you tried my FAQ already?


      1. Hey, I installed your mod (Real Light V6 and is AMAZING, I love the colours and lights but I wanna activate DOF, and if is possible a Manual DOF but I don’t know how. I tried change settings of DOF in McFX.cfg but I don’t have nice settings, please if you could help me 🙁

        1. Thank you very much – I am glad you like it.
          About the DOF. This is still different for me as well.
          I tried to figure something nice out once but I wasn´t satisfied with it. All I remember is that you need to enable it on more than one spot in these files.
          You can try to check some presets that already use DOF – and see how they did it here:

          Another thing is to ask over at the official ReShade Forum here:

          I can´t help you much with this topic because I didn´t really figured it out for my self yet unfortunately.


  1. i never installed /worked with reshade ,yes iam using Win7 and i look on FAQ but this issue was in FAQ but didnt solved it for me beucase it just directs me to the download page again

  2. Not only to the download section 😉

    Have you tried this?
    „You can also try to make an Platform update for Windows 7 SP1. Please be aware that I don´t take responsibility for updates like this.“ There is a link as well to the update.

  3. well i now addedto it the Reshade with SweetFx and it works look nice i jsut hope it isnt the SweetFX sefl but the Real Light works as well (my head is about to explode and never worked with those stuff )

    1. Hey Martin thats great! I am glad it is working now!
      So you used the ReShade + Framework and the ReShade + SweetFX 2.0 too and then it worked?


    1. All right!
      If you encounter anymore issues just get back here and I try to help! Have fun with your new Look!


  4. ok iam back i just now edited 2 things in the reshade „sharpering on 1“ and the button to turn off the Reshade and thne when i start arma it says Arma 3/ReShade. fx(1, 1) : error x3000: syntax error: unexpected ‚uknown‘ (thats when arma starts and its in top left corner of screen)

  5. Ok please make sure you got no mistyping in your file, It can be caused by that.
    You can mail me the file via the contact button in the main navigation here and I look into it for you.
    Just tell me which lines you have edited.

  6. ok you can now delete all those comments (or if you want to keep to for somebody having same issue ) with great feeling that its solved ..i just needed to save it in Notepad++ i was doing it in Win7 notepad ..iam just stupid 😀 thank you again for your quick responce

    1. Thats not stupid and I didn´t knew this either! I will keep it here for other users who may have the same problems. I am really glad it is working now (again) ;).
      Have a great time.


  7. now it will be littlebit more fun spoting something at night and i fount one good reference point by what you can tell its more of Real Light the default ACO red attachment in vanilla is red-ish but when you look trough it at night its geting grey ..but when you turn on the Real Light it stays red its great on few places my fps gone fomr 75 to 65 but thats just my pc 🙂 great thing 😀

    1. Hey Martin – Make sure that you have only one instance of ReShade running.
      About the FPS;
      You should have one „dxgi.dll“ file from the download from this page. If you got also a „d3d9.dll“ or „ReShade32.dll“ or „ReShade64.dll“ from a new version of ReShade you should rename that to dxgi.dll and see if it still works and delete all other!

    1. Looks good – Then it may be really just your PC…
      Real Light doesn´t need more than 2 FPS usually – Maybe something else is causing your FPS drop.
      Your structure and files look good anyway 😉

  8. its okay ..thats why i got the turnoff button 🙂 when it makes some drops ..F9 and ..hello littlebit more FPS (not saying its bad just saying my PC is for arma kinda bad beucase hey arma

  9. well i wouldnt spam your wonderfull help section so thank you again for your support and have lovely rest of day/calm night

    1. This section is just for that. Dont worry!
      I will filter a bit out tomorrow – don´t be confused.
      Thank you very much and have much fun.
      Good night 🙂

      1. Hi, could you tell me if you have to wait several minutes to load ReShade ? When I start ArmA 3, I got a black screen for a long long time. When I tried to click/push a key, Windows ask me if I want to wait or to close ArmA 3.

        It’s not the first time I use ReShade but it doesn’t work on ArmA 3. Is there something else I missed ? or you missed in your installation instruction ?

        1. Hey,

          this is not the normal case – no. It should only take a few seconds. Have you used the ReShade32.dll and renamed it?
          Its important that you use the ReShade32.dll since arma is a 32 bit game.

          Do you have other reshade dll´s in your main arma folder? Something like d3d9.dll, d3d11.dll, ReShade32.dll or ReShade32.dll? If yes this can be a cause. Make sure you only have the former ReShade32.dll renamed to dxgi.dll and nothing else in there…

          Another thing is that ReShade doesn´t like recording software like fraps or Dxtory. Bandicam and Shadowplay work fine in my experience…


    1. Weird – I can play with BattlEye enabled without issues. I can´t tell why this is sometimes still an issue but I am very glad it works for you now.

  10. Hello Solano! Your Real Light V6 for ARMA 3 is great, thank you. But one question. How can i enable (and how to adjust the focal distance) DEPTH OF FIELD (Matso DOF)?

    1. Hey me398rush,

      I didn´t managed to get it right either yet.
      I am fear I am no help to you 🙁

      All I remember is when I played around with it that this feature had to be enabled multiple times in the same config file to work at all. Then there was the riddle with the focal point and I really have no Idea how to set this up properly. I wanted to make a branch of RL with that effect but I didn´t get it right…
      Long sad story short – Try the official ReShade Forum – You can find surely information about that there. Sorry I couldn´t help more


      1. Thank you very much! But it’s not quite what I meant. I have long been trying to achieve the DOF-effect, as in this preset . Let me explain in a nutshell. The gun in the hands should be slightly blurry (not in focus), everything else is clear. And when you look at the weapon, it should be crisp, but everything else in the background slightly blurry. But, unfortunately, in the new version ReShade so it is impossible to set up. If you are able to realize this effect, as in the above-described preset, it would be a miracle, at least for me. I apologize for my English, I used a translator.

        1. Hey no need to excuse – I totally get what you mean.
          When I got some extra time I try to figure something similar out. But I fear the switch / toggle of the focus point (environment/weapon) may get tricky like you already said…
          I contact you here when I got something to show but I can´t promise anything.


    1. Hi Jack – Sorry for the late response. I got A LOT of Spam Comments so I oversaw yours – excuse me.
      I never heard of anything like it – not even a Kick.
      In fact the particular file of ReShade which hooks into the game (but doesn´t change any core files) is even whitelisted by BattlEye. I played for hundreds of hours in many online multiplayer games with ReShade enabled and never experienced any negative effect like a Kick or even Ban nor did my friends. You surely understand that I can´t give you a precise yes or no to this question because I don´t make the rules for those decisions. But not even Rockstar banned me so far 😉

      Hope I could help you out here – if you got some more questions just let me know.


  11. OS: Win 8.1
    GPU: GTX 780
    CPU: 2600k
    ReShade: Framework 0.19.2
    Real Light: V5, V6 and V6_Advance

    After following the steps for both V5 and v6, I get this error below:
    „The instruction at (mem address) reference memory at (mem address). The memory could not be read.“

    Arma 3 starts, the text in the top-left hand side says „loading effect…,“ and then crashes soon after it reads „compiling effect…“
    As a side note, it has only worked one time, and it would constantly go from light to dim in the game with a big opening and closing ring in the sky.

    1. Hi Zexx– Sorry for the late response too. I got A LOT of Spam Comments so I oversaw yours as well – excuse me.
      Please make sure you only have one d3d9.dll inside your main directory and no ReShade32.dll or dxgi.dll.
      Have you tried to start without BattlEye?
      Do you use the official Arma Launcher?
      Do you use the CBA Mod for Arma?


  12. Thanks for the reply Solano.

    I tried it without any mods or battleye enabled and I got a combination of these two errors.


    Both of them occur when „compiling effect.“

  13. Yes, I thought use other presets but I love your colours and lights, I only want add DOF, work in that and wil be AMAZING!
    Thanks for reply and bye! 🙂

    1. I meant to look into other presets which values worked good for them to learn how to use it right you know?
      Don´t get me wrong – I didn´t meant to sent you to use another preset 😉
      Thanks for the compliments.
      I got a few more requests on DOF so after the V5 Look this will be my to do I guess

      Stay tuned

  14. My Arma 3 fails to stars, I get Windows error message: STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN.

    Using Windows 10 x64. I did put ReShade32.dll and renamed it to dxgi. It crashes at startup when message „Compiling effect“ appears.

  15. Solano – you are very clever and make beautiful work 🙂 thank you for sharing!
    I have a question about SH8 for GTA and where exactly do I edit\insert your color scheme ? For example I want to use „Vigo“ .. please explain because the explanation „Rename the palette at line 107 here: ReShade\CustomFX_settings.cfg“ doesn’t apply to latest version of ReShade ..
    Danke Freund !

  16. So I upgraded from 5 to 6 with advanced, DOF and Crisp LUT, and I have a very odd issue. All launches fine and works fine, however in-game i get an area of the screen that is crisp and looks normal, and everything else is blurred.
    Hopefully you can see it – look at the contours in the centre of the screen, they are normal, everywhere else they are blurred.
    I disabled the steam overlay which made no difference.

    1. Hey Tim!

      Thanks for sharing detailed information on your topic.
      Solution is simple. Press F10 – that toggles the DOF on and off.
      Since ReShade reads the depthbuffer to achieve the DOF it somehow makes errors when it comes to 2D Areas of the game like the menu and editor and such.
      Sorry for the inconvinience. Because of that I bound DOF to its own key.

      If you want to rebind it to something else than F10 let me know.


  17. Hello,

    No need for help at this stage, rather I just needed to say „Thank you.“ I’ve been using SweetFX in Skyrim for about a year and only in the last week purchased ArmA 3, so I was most excited to get SweetFX working there, too. No good.

    After many hours of following various forum threads, and finally trying out ReShade + Real Light V6 with great success, so here I am to say you are my post-processing heroes. It’s awesome seeing the Real Light, GemFx, and SweetFX, etc., messages saying that everything has loaded successfully, and even better that everything is so „tweakable“ via the collection of .cfg’s. I’m really loving being able to switch a fps monitor up with the Common.cfg and see how various display settings in game effect performance and fps, which is something that the simulator just doesn’t do on its own.

    Thank you so much.



    1. Thanks for your nice words Sean.

      The guys over at ReShade really did and still do a great job to give us modders even more oportunities from update to update.

      I am glad that you enjoy my preset Real Light so much.


    1. Hi Cloro,

      it can work – but I can´t guarantee a great quality since Real Light is totally optimized for the visual flaws of Arma 3.
      If you know how ReShade works I recommend to you to disable all effects except the LUT effect and use a Lut of RL6 here. That could work better than just use everything for arma from here in another game 😉


      1. I use 1.1.0 ReShade, it says …\Arma3\/ReShade/McFX/DOF.h(32, 89) : error X3004: undeclared identifier ‚iADOF_ShapeTextureSize‘
        hope you can help..

  18. I know this question has nothing to do with SH8. I just wanted to know if I could distribute variations of the presets you have uploaded.

    1. Hi,

      generally I am totally fine with adjusting Real Light to your needs and particular Hardware of course!
      I reordered the SweetFX.cfg just for easier personal adjustments to my Preset.
      If you want to share it with friends or clan members that is also fine by me.
      As long as you give credits to me as the preset author and of course the ReShade guys over at which this preset is build for.

      I wouldn´t like and allow people to take Real Light OR my LUTs with little variations and just give it another name as you can surely understand.

      I invested very much time into refining this project to enhance Arma for everyone visually.

      So if you want to „distribute“ it via a link in a forum or something that is fine if the credits are there.

      If you want to „distribute“ it somehow bigger then we would need to talk again.

      Regards and happy new year


  19. Hello guys, I downloaded yesterdar Real Light for Arma 3, I copied the 2 files into Arma’s 3 directory, and yesterday I was playing and it was amazing, but today seems that arma 3 downloaded 1 MB from the workshop, and now the game doesn’t work, battleye problem:

    04/01/2016 12:28:08 – Se ha bloqueado la carga del archivo «C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\dxgi.dll».

    Battleye is blocking the dxgi.dll load and it doesn’t load, I don’t have any mod enabled when I execute the game.

    I really would appreciate any help…

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Alex,

      this is a known issue. I can´t explain why some people have this issue and some people don´t. If you want to play some coop or single player than it is no problem to disable it.
      For MP its necessary. You could try to use the Real Light V6 (Not the advanced or DoF version) and get an older version of ReShade. They have a repository somewhere in the forums for that. You can try to use an older hook like 0.187 or something if I remember correctly. That one had less issues.


    1. Hi catigern,

      I don´t completely understand what you mean but if you want me to add my LUTs there too this won´t work unfortunately.
      My LUTs only work in combination wit some other ReShade effects – one LUT alone won´t give you the look like shown here.

      But I like this thread Idea.


  20. Hello Solano, iam deeply sorry for „spaming“ your chat …you can delete my last 2 messages ..i was too much hurry and done it other way then i was supposed to

  21. Hi I’m using the Advanced DOF V6 for Arma 3 with Reshade 1.0 instead of 1.1 due to the ‚error X3004: undeclared identifier ‚iADOF_ShapeTextureSize‘. I tried the RTSS fix but to no avail. My main problem is that the DOF effect is not present on the multiplayer of the game for some reason, while it works wonderfully in singleplayer. I tried the F10 key but it just alternates between two values of brightness apparently, while it enables and disables DOF on singleplayer with no problem. Thanks in advance.

    1. Sorry Borja,

      I can´t explain why this occurs exactly.
      I suggest you ask the creators of ReShade at
      Can´t give you a hint even since this is new for me and too technical in the end I guess.

      Hope they know what to do – sorry I can´t do more.


    1. Hi One,

      I am not the creator of ReShade.
      Please contact them at for other sources.

      They will get back at you soon in my experience.


  22. You upgraded weapon 3 and I can not enter the game, 0xC000009A Error strip, if I delete the file dxgi.dll works perfectly but does not work Real light v6, any solution?

  23. Hi Solano, loving the look of RL V6, makes arma 3 beautiful on a whole new level.
    Sadly having problems installing the damn thing, after installing all files needed the arma 3 runs but doesn’t even show up. I can tell it runs by opening task manager but the game doesn’t physically appear on screen. the launcher also does not recognize the game being launched as well. Ending the process through task manager gives me an error „Unable to init dxgi“ .
    I have followed your instructions word for word, everything that needs to be in the game directory is there. I’ve also tried enabling HPET as mentioned in your Faq but still no budge.
    The game looks absolutely stunning with RL V6 so any help would be appreciated, thankyou.

    1. Hi Solo,

      I am really sorry to hear that. Unfortunately its too technical at this point for me because:
      I can tell that you installed it correctly otherwise the game wouldn´t act that weird.
      The bad thing is that this has something to do with your setup somehow – this error is definitely caused by the hook of reshade. But I can´t tell you more at this point and need to send you to the creators of reshade at Really sorry I can´t do more 🙁

      Try the forum over there – i hope they can figure it out.



      1. Thank you very much for the quick reply Solano, true i have not used Reshade before so i must have missed out on something.

        Have a good day 🙂

  24. Hi, this looks promising. However my laptop does not have a scroll lock key, is there any way I can change the key that activates reShade (Arma 3) ?

    1. An excerpt from the FAQ:

      You can change the Key to toggle ReShade in the „Common.cfg“-file at line 14.

      It goes like this:#define RFX_ToggleKey VK_SCROLL
      Change the „VK_SCROLL“ value to your key of choice. F12 would be VK_F12 for example.
      You can find a list of all key mappings here.

      Enjoy and regards


  25. I’m afraid as of today I can’t launch real light v5/v6/v6 advanced when connecting to a server without battle Eye blocking the dxgi dll (or d3d11), was running perfectly fine yesterday, any confirmation of this being an issue for anyone else?

    1. It seems to be an issue once again …
      Sorry – you can use Real Light without BattlEye for now – hope they whitelist reshade soon again

  26. Hey mate. i have this error from today (battleye) (0xc000009a). Arma can’t start. Suggestions? I dont want delete my beatiful color settings:((

    1. Hey,

      it seems that BattlEye refuses the injector file of ReShade once again.
      The quickest thing to do is to play without BattlEye at the moment until it gets whitelisted again.

  27. Hey i keep getting this error

    [01780] | ERROR | Failed to compile effect on context 0B8A3730:

    Arma 3\/ReShade/McFX/DOF.h(32, 89): error X3004: undeclared identifier ‚iADOF_ShapeTextureSize‘

    1. Hey,

      please make sure to do a clean „install“ of reshade.
      Use the 1.1 Version from the page (bottom) – not the 2.0 one.
      Then just add the Real Light Version of your choice again.

      This should fix it.

  28. I have tried that and i got same issue 🙁 can you share your reshade 1.1 on a separate link here in the comments, from the game files copy and paste then upload it to dropbox?

    1. Thank you very much.

      ReShade is a very picky when it comes to second tools like playclaw or dxtory or fraps and so on.
      ShadowPlay is no problem tho.

      Also I am not the creator of ReShade and have no clue about the coding behind it.


  29. Hey. I’m having a really hard time making this work on my game. Even if I do everything by the tutorial, it doesn’t work for me. Could you possibly help me ?

    1. Sure thing!
      Have you used the reshade32.dll for renaming?
      That is a common mistake…

      Have you placed the 3 elements to the game.exe?

      Do you got a previous install of some kind of sweetfx or older reshade versions?

  30. Hi there,

    Thanks for making this tool! Is there any way you could make an option that would allow you to change the color of red text in the game? (The color used to display the health of injured minions/heros.) I was recently diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy and have to wear dark blue-tinted glasses that filter out red light which makes it very difficult to read the red text. I am now much worse at laddering and have been unable to find any kind of sufficient real-time color-blondness application for Windows.


    1. Hi Max,

      I am glad to help.
      I just can´t recolor particular items that good with my technique.
      It is not item based recoloring – more manipulating little colorspaces…

      I am sorry to hear about your diagnose.

      Will try my best to help you out here.
      This will take some testing back and forth between us if you are interested.
      Is this your real email you signed here?

      Maybe a first idea is to set your monitor calibration to your needs?
      I guess it is not just HS now which is critical for you?

      Kind Regards


  31. Please help i did everything correctly and i get this error i will donate to you if you can help me get this working iv installed advanced dof version and this is the errors
    causing it not to work

    17/05/2016 23:17:05:522 [07000] | ERROR | Failed to compile effect on context 18A2CC08:

    \Arma 3\/ReShade/McFX/DOF.h(32, 89): error X3004: undeclared identifier ‚iADOF_ShapeTextureSize‘

    1. Hi,

      this might happen for two reasons. Do you have an older version of ReShade in use? Or do you use Version 2.0 instead of 1.1?


      1. I used the version you told me to use it’s reshade 1.1 and i get this error i followed the instructions perfectly but this happens

          1. It works now but the visuals do not look like the video or the images you have up here

          2. Like the red ribbion on my page states are the screenshots made with the Crisp LUT. You get the same results when using that.


  32. I’ve triple checked to see if I’ve installed correctly, and Arma 3 nor the launcher will start unless I delete dxgi.dll. The process will start for a few seconds, and then close with no error message. I’m running Windows 10.

    1. I can´t help you much with this issue unfortunately – I am still running Win7.
      In the ReSHade forum are posts about win 10 issues – I bet you will find answers there:


  33. hi my problem is „Unable to load source for texture „colorlutdstex“ , i used notepad++ to change parameter 110 put „#define TuningColorLUTDstTexture „RAVAGE.png“ “

    Reshade default is ok ,the problem is lut RAVAGE
    My pc
    1080 amp extreme edition zotac , window 10 64 bits pro , arma 3 steam , 16 gb 2400mhz , i7 6700k ,sdd samsung evo , dell u2725h 2k

    1. „#define TuningColorLUTDstTexture „RAVAGE.png“ “ should be

      #define TuningColorLUTDstTexture „ravage.png“

      its case sensitive

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