Hearthstone CB Mod 0.3

The CB Mod is designed to enhance Hearthstone for people with color blindness. An official solution by Blizzard is missing so I try to solve this issue with this ReShade preset. I hope it helps new players to get better into the game and make it more comfortable for advanced players as well. 

At the moment it is nearly impossible to distinguish between rare and epic card gems. Also the different game mechanic indicators in form of glows around cards in green and orange color is an issue. This project is work in progress and I welcome every feedback since I am not color blind and need to work with cb-simulators.

Download and install


  1. Unzip the cb_mod_03.zip into your Hearthstone main directory where the game.exe is.
  2. Done.
    Start the game and enjoy! 

    You will see white info text in the upper left corner at game start.
    If you had ReShade installed before make sure to delete everything.
    You need a fresh installation.


Scroll Lock toggles the mod on and off.



Beta 0.2
- Added a glow fix which turns yellow and orange combo glow into color blind safe blue glow
Beta 0.1
- Epic gems are darker for better distinguishing
- Overall look and color setup nearly untouched