For your general and technical questions this FAQ offers a lot of answers. If you still can´t find a solution here jump to the Help section. There you can ask specific questions in the comments section below.




What is ReShade?

Reshade is a tool similar to SweetFX.
It can change the ingame look in many different ways depending on the preset you use.
It is made by Crosire – Ceejkay.dk – Marty McFly – Ioxa – JPulowski – LuciferHawk.

So what exactly do you do?

I make presets for ReShade to enhance games visually.

Does Real Light affect my performance?

The Real Light preset for Arma 3 has nearly no noticable FPS drop.
We are talking about 1-2 Frames per Second max. It uses very lightweight effects to achieve the look.

What about BattlEye?

You can use ReShade and my presets. BattlEye doesn´t care for it.
I played hundreds of hours with it enabled without a single incident.
ReShade is a post processing effect and no „Mod“ for Arma.

How do I install it?

Just download the Package I provide and unzip it in the same folder where your game .exe is.

Which version of ReShade do you include?

I will always include the latest version of ReShade.

Can I make changes on your presets?

Of course you can! Every display is different so go ahead and change brightness, saturation and so on as you like.
If you make a preset based on one of mine please be so kind and refer accordingly.

Do I need to register to comment?

No you don´t. If you have a question or want to leave feedback just shoot me a comment.
You can register if you like of course to speed things up the next time discussing here.

How does the donation works?

Thanks for considering to support this project.
You can donate to this preset project and keep my coffee flowing via a PayPal donation.
It is the usual PayPal API where you just enter your amount you want to donate after you are logged in.
Same procedure as buying with PayPal.





How can I turn ReShade off ingame?

You can toggle the Shader ingame via the „Scroll Lock Key“ (above page up).

Can I change that Key?

You can change the Key to toggle ReShade in the „ReShade.fx“ at line 4019.
(In Notepad++ you can hit ctrl+g to jump right to it.)
It goes like this:technique MasterEffect < bool enabled = true; int toggle = 0x91; >
Change the bold and italic value to your key of choice.
You can find a list of all key mappings here.
Use the numeric values and you are good.

On my Steam Screenshots the effect of Reshade is not visible

Use your „print screen key“ intead of Steams bind. ReShade will save your screenshot at the location of your game .exe.

How do I reload ReShade ingame?

ReShade reloads itself as soon as you re-enter the game.

Can I use Real Light for other games?

The Real Light preset is designed for Arma 3.
It could work on other games but will look weird.

Real Light is too bright for me – can I change it?

Yeah – go to line 276 in the ReShade.fx and decrease the following value #define Exposure 0.450

How do I disable Real Light temporarily?

Rename the suffix of the file dxgi.dll.
If this file isn´t working ReShade won´t load up.

How to deinstall Real Light / ReShade?

Erase the following items:

  • ReShade
  • SweetFX


  • dxgi.dll
  • ReShade.fx
  • Sweet.fx
  • KeyCodes.txt
  • ReShade_settings.txt
  • SweetFX readme.txt
  • SweetFX_preset.txt
  • SweetFX_settings.txt
I get weird error messages at game launch / game fails to launch

Try to download my package and overwrite all files.
Here you can find the Real Light preset for Arma 3.
You can also try to make an Platform update for Windows 7 SP1. Please be aware that I don´t take responsibility for updates like this.
Still not working? Then try the Help section or the official forum of ReShade.